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Daniel Harvey, known as "Dan the Real Estate Man", is a seasoned real

estate investor with an extensive portfolio of multimillion dollar residential and commercial properties. His personal blue collar to millionaire story has inspired many to take control of their financial future. Daniel's proven investment strategies have yielded impressive returns through multiple market cycles and allowed Daniel to retire at 34!As a dedicated mentor, Daniel has been educating and sharing his unique strategies and investing perspectives to the next generation of real estate investors. Daniel is also the owner of an exceptional 8 figure dollar development company DMH Investments LLC, and founder of BRAG, a real estate investor alliance group.

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Looking for a way to start your real estate journey?

Let me walk that deal! I can help assist with your plan review, scope of work, design layout, and other tasks.


Fix & Flip | New Construction

Whether you are renovating with a fix and flip or building new construction our short term bridge loan provides a first class experience for any investor. Our signature in-house process and team will provide you with the funds for construction and acquisition for your project. Our team will help stress-test and evaluate your deal based on risk and profitability.

Rental Application

Build wealth and your portfolio of rental properties as an investor and landlord. Our rental program provides you with long term financing for your 1-4 family properties. Our in-house process from processing, underwriting, and funding provides a first class experience for investors. We custom tailor each loan based on your needs for each property.

Pre-Approval Application

Complete your pre-approval application today to better position yourself for the fastest service possible as you are looking at potential opportunities. Along with getting familiar with our team and process we can get to know you and your lending needs. Enjoy the benefits of having unlimited access to proof of funds letters when making offers and being pre-approved will expedite your approvals and time to close.

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