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This year's event, we have Dan The Real Estate Man and Andre Haynesworth (Business Credit Specialist) discussing all things funding and proven strategies to secure capital in funding your deal.


  • High-level discussion about all things funding

  • Best and proven strategy to secure the capital for your deal

  • Learning opportunity to win the real estate business

Then this Rooftops and Real Event is your best bet!



What is Rooftops and Real Estate?

Rooftops and Real Estate is a Real Estate Networking Event hosted by Dan The Real Estate Man. After the successful event last year (2022), Dan decided to host another event for investors, professionals, lending partners, and experts to network, share million dollar conversations and build partnerships while having the time to vibe and enjoy the skyline view.

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What is the overview of the event?

The topic for this year was focused on finding ways on how to fund any real estate deals:

📌 Business Credit

📌 Hard Money

📌 Joint Venture Agreement

📌 Portfolio Lenders

📌 DSCR Loans

📌Private Lenders

Industry experts, new and seasoned investors, and aspiring professionals gathered to share invaluable insights, actionable strategies, and networking opportunities that is vital to any real estate ventures.

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Is there another event like this soon?

More events and networking opportunities will be held soon. You can visit www.dantherealestateman.biz or join the BRAG (Black Real Estate Alliance Group) by visiting www.braginvestors.com. There are monthly meetings, mastermind meetings, and social events that are open to all. Get exclusive access to perks if you sign up for premium membership.

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